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Situated to 18 km of Royal Saumur, the Abbey of Fontevraud is the most important monastic set today which remains in west mixing Romanesque, Gothic art and revival.
Your visit will lead you to the Abbey church sheltering the polychromatic recumbent effigies of Richard Cœur de Lion, his relatives, Aliénor of Aquitaine and Henry II Plantagenêt, and from Isabelle of Angoulême. You can also admire the Convent of Grand Moutier, one of the vastest of France, which represents well the transition to the 16th between the blazing Gothic and the revival. Without forgetting the dining hall walls of which date 12th century and the famous circular Romanic kitchen called Evraud's...
Cathedral of Chartres
Church of Saint Nicholas (Blois)
Cathedral of Blois
Church of Saint Saturnin (Blois)
Church of Saint-Vincent (Blois)
Abadía de la Trinidad (Vendôme)
Saint-Aignan's collegiate church
Psalette's monastery (Tours)
Cathedral of Tours
Abbay of Fontevraud
Cathédrale Sainte-Croix d’Orléans
Cathédrale Saint-Etienne (Bourges)


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